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Building Brands, Building Success: Stories from Quill Creative Studio's Clients 

At Quill Creative Studio, we work hard to bring each of our clients long-lasting success by building effective brand strategies and crafting compelling visual identities that resonate with target audiences across diverse industries. While each step of the branding process through our creative agency is an important building block, one of the most fundamental parts of any branding project at Quill is building strong relationships with our clients. 

Since we opened the doors to our Oshkosh, WI-based branding agency, we've had the privilege of working with some truly exceptional businesses over the years. While we could show off case studies and our portfolio of rebrands and brand strategy examples all day long (check them out here), sometimes, no one can say it better than our clients themselves! 

Keep reading to check out insights from past Quill Creative Studio projects and learn what our clients have to say about their reasons for choosing to work with our branding agency and their reflections on the branding experience with our team.

Harry Miller Companies / Coin-o-Matic

Rebrand, Promotional Collateral, & Ongoing Brand Support | Chicago, IL

In response to a supply chain transformation, this commercial laundry distributor based out of Chicago saw an opportunity to harness the power of modern branding with a complete brand refresh, establishing stronger customer relationships and embarking on a transformative rebrand that proudly illuminates the business's century-long, family-owned business legacy. But when you've got 100 years of business history and brand equity built, it's hard to know where to start the rebranding process. Luckily, Coin-o-Matic was referred to Quill Creative Studio by a past client, and we were immediately excited to take on the rebranding challenge.

When asked about the key factors that helped them decide to work with Quill, Matt Miller, President of Coin-o-Matic & Harry Miller Appliances, says, "Quite frankly, I was floored with depth of services that Quill provided. I thought their pricing was fair, and I liked and trusted Ryan and his team. The team was 100% professional, with processes in place, and I felt that they were genuinely excited about my company. A highlight that stood out to me was how efficient Quill was with my time."

Our branding experts love the challenge of working with clients who have long legacies attached to their brands because it gives us a chance to flex our unique skills in balancing longstanding brand history with a modern, forward-focus strategy. 

After going through the complete rebranding process, Matt and the Coin-o-Matic team continue to use their Quill-built brand to guide marketing strategy plans, digital marketing initiatives, and future, long-term growth. 

"Our staff loves [our brand], and we receive many compliments from our customers, vendors, and friends," says Matt, "Plus, Ryan is truly a good guy, and I can't wait to have another virtual coffee with him." (Likewise, buddy!) 

Chicken Tramper Ultralight Gear

Brand Strategy & Ongoing Brand Support, Hancock, MI

Nestled in the heart of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, this cottage outdoor gear company is dedicated to crafting and retailing ultralight backpacks and outdoor accessories through their online platform. Setting themselves apart from competitors with a spirited, dynamic, and close-knit team ethos, their emphasis on both enjoyment and business growth spurred their decision to proactively manage their brand identity as the business expanded.

While the team at Quill Creative Studio works with various industries and organizations, we can't help but love it when our personal interests collide with a branding project. With several team members being avid backpackers, working with Chicken Tramper was a no-brainer, and it was a delight to help them build their brand.

After being referred by a mutual friend when they needed some help with collateral for an upcoming trade show, Chicken Tramper Co-Founder Austin Gongos says, "After seeing what an incredible job [Quill] did, we knew we wanted to go for a full rebranding. We had a basic idea of what our brand identity was but couldn't explain it in words. Quill was able to distill who we were into a brand guide that has served us well for years."

"We were drawn to Quill specifically for their ability to research and understand our business as well as our customers. Ryan and his team took the time required to get to know us as individuals and understand how our values influenced the ways in which we presented ourselves to our customers. Quill didn't focus on flashy frills but instead took our essence and found a way to express that in our brand guide," says Austin, "The biggest highlight was how excited they seemed to be working on this with us, and that showed in the times they went above and beyond what was promised at the outset."

After finishing the initial branding project, we remain excited to continue working with Chicken Tramper, offering ongoing brand management and guidance with great results. 

"Countless other companies at trade shows have commented on how incredible our expo materials are and wanted to be connected with Quill. On top of that, our branding materials for the website and ads have been instrumental in engaging and attracting new customers as well as making return customers feel welcome and part of our brand identity," says Matt, "Trust me, if you need branding help, engage with the Quill Creative team, listen, learn and you'll see huge benefits down the road."

Oshkosh Defense

Brand Design Refresh & Ongoing Brand Support | Oshkosh, WI

With a small marketing team and big goals as a global leader in the design, production, and sustainment of military vehicles and mobility systems, Oshkosh Defense was looking for a branding partner who could meet the unique needs of their industry. 

Now, eight years after Quill's first initial project with Oshkosh Defense, we feel honored to continue working with them, supporting them through a recent brand refresh, website redesign, and building new creative assets for advertising. 

One of the most important aspects of working with a brand agency for the Oshkosh Defense team was having a partner who could be proactive in fully understanding the industry and scope of each project. Oshkosh Defense's marketing team notes that "the Quill team is extremely responsive and dependable. [They] led a number of discussions with our team and other agency partners to clarify questions and direction. They react quickly to our needs and proactively suggest new ideas. Quill has been essential in ensuring we were consistent with the brand look and voice we wanted to achieve."

Since that first initial project, we've felt lucky to be able to continue working closely with Oshkosh Defense and their marketing team, who says, "We value our relationship with Quill and their ability to serve as an extension of the Defense team. We often need a project completed on short notice, and the Quill team always reacts quickly and professionally."

Momentum Carnivore Nutrition

Rebrand, Packaging Design & Ongoing Brand Support | Manitowoc, WI

After years of broadening their target market reach, Momentum Carnivore Nutrition recognized the need for a brand overhaul to elevate their competitive edge.

“We needed to re-build excitement around our brand. Our packaging has been outdated for some time, and in order to capture a new audience of buyers, we needed our packaging to be impactful and stand out,” says Toni Maretti-Wolter, owner of Momentum. 

Knowing you need a brand refresh is only half the battle, though. Toni spent time doing exhaustive research on companies to work with on their rebrand journey and finally decided to look for something more local in their home state. 

“Being a Wisconsin-based company, if we can work with other Midwestern businesses, we try to,” says Toni, “After setting up an initial phone call, I felt like it was going to be a great fit to have Quill take over our rebrand project. They did not disappoint!”

One of the most exciting parts of the rebrand for the Quill team was the challenge of completely overhauling Momentum’s product packaging. As we developed the brand, we made sure the new visual identity and product design was very intentional in conveying the true heart of Momentum and their mission.

“They gave our brand a voice and a message. We were more than just our logo and brand name. We had meaning behind the name, the new packaging look, and the branding message overall. We never really had that before,” says Toni, “All our customers are excited and loving the new packaging. We have acquaintances not even in the market our brand is in that mention how awesome our packaging looks.”

Our team loves that we get to continue partnering with Momentum with ongoing brand management, creating new materials, and working on different brand projects as needed. (Plus, our pups don’t mind the extra treats.)

“We have also HIGHLY recommended them to other local businesses looking to rebrand. And we will continue to use the Quill team as we launch new brands in the market. The Quill team does not disappoint, their work is impeccable, and the team is a joy to work with.”

Ready to see how Quill Creative Studio can help take your brand to the next level?

At Quill, we genuinely believe in building lasting relationships with our clients to create the best brand and continue to serve them with innovative and effective brand management. We believe teamwork drives creativity and have developed an organizational structure at our studio that allows our talented team to connect directly with our clients at every step of the branding process. Creative partnership drives everything we do, and it shows. 

If you want to learn more about how Quill can help your business with branding, let's chat!