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Creative agency services for brands that are worth it.

At Quill Creative Studio, we specialize in creative agency services that enhance brand recognition and ensure consistency across all of your marketing and sales touchpoints. Our team of creative experts combines smart business decisions with beautiful creativity, resulting in beautiful branding that truly represents your offerings.

We offer a comprehensive range of creative agency services, including graphic design for logos and visual identities, attention-grabbing slogans and taglines that will set you apart from the competition, branded promotional collateral and trade show materials, and packaging design. Our design process is thoughtful and intentional so that every element of your brand’s identity aligns with your business goals.

Progress and consistency are at the core of our design approach, providing the framework to win. If you’re ready for a creative branding partner that goes beyond the traditional graphic design work, let’s talk! Discover how our creative agency services can elevate your brand to new heights.

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Brand Strategy

By uncovering and highlighting the features of your organization, we work to carve out a unique place in the market and position brands with a value-driven foundation.

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Brand Identity

Identity is where the personality of the organization is formed. A solid relationship between visuals and messaging will create a stronger relationship between your brand and the target audience.

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Brand Support

Consistency is key to maintaining brand recognition. Whether you have a specific project in mind or require ongoing support, you can trust that our team will have focused attention on all the details.

Why does great design matter?

Bringing a brand to life requires a very special set of creative skills and a lot of time. Branding is so much more than the typical strategies and tactics most often think of as a brand is deployed. Web development, graphic design, copywriting, and marketing are all essential to your business, but your branding is the foundation upon which all of those elements should be built. The design, messaging, and overall look and feel of your brand are central to your ongoing success.

Our Creative Agency Services

Brand Positioning
Visual Identity
Logo Design
Slogans and Taglines 
Brand Guidelines

Graphic Design
Branded Collateral
Annual Reports
Event Branding & Graphics
Packaging Design

Our Creative Agency Collaborations

Where we collaborate

Media Buying
Marketing Plans
Interior Design
Social Media Management

Website Development
Digital Marketing
Public Relations

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How is Quill Creative Studio different?

First and foremost, we have intentionally fine-tuned our creative process to bridge the gap between brand design and business objectives. Rather than rushing into things, we use a strategic process to connect good design to business success. The branding process that we use in our studio is rooted in the proven methodology of creative problem-solving. By establishing clear business goals in the beginning stages of the relationship, we paint a clear picture of what success looks like so everyone knows when it’s achieved.

Structurally, we will connect you directly with designers at every step of the process for better communication, better collaboration, and better results. At Quill Creative Studio, we’re more than just graphic designers or creative strategists, we are ready to be your branding partner for ongoing success.

Quotation Marks

"The Quill team did a great job translating years of historical knowledge and evolving design systems to develop our Brand Guide, which has become a great resource tool for our company and our partners. They are great listeners and great partners who worked tirelessly to complete this big project and we highly recommend Quill Creative."

Mandy Bottomlee
Director of Content Marketing
Good Foods

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"Quill did a terrific job for us at Craft Custom Coating! They helped with everything from our name, logo and branding. I would highly recommend using them."

Aaron Johnson
craft custom coating

Quotation Marks

"The Quill team was creative, professional, and they clearly understood the bigger picture of our merger and rebrand. They adapted well to a changing environment and were solid partners with us on this project."

Joe Mauthe
Executive Director


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