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Brand Identity

Your brand identity is where the personality of your organization is formed. A strong relationship between visuals and messaging will create a stronger connection between your brand and the target audience.
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Why does brand identity matter?

Brand identity is known as the soul of an organization. Without a properly developed and documented brand identity, an organization has little guidance for maintaining its consistency and bringing the brand strategy to life.

Start with these questions. If you and your team don't have a clear understanding of how your brand's strategy comes to life through messaging and visuals, we can help. 

- Do we have a documented brand guidelines?
- Do we know how our messaging should sound?
- Do we have design elements for our brand or just a logo?
- Do all of our branded touchpoints look consistent?

If you're unsure about your brand's identity and if it's properly aligned to make it stand out and resonate with your audience, schedule a free brand identity consulting session today.

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Our Process


With the brand strategy informing the design, we gather visual inspiration to be our target for visual identity development.


Springboarding off of the approved branding inspiration, our creative studio team develops a custom and unique visual appearance.



All-inclusive document that outlines the brand’s position, messaging, and rules surrounding visual elements to maintain brand consistency.

What we do

Business Naming
Logo Creation
Slogans & Taglines

Brand Voice
Brand Personality
Color Theory

Typography Selection

Data Visualization
Photo Manipulation
Brand Guidelines


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