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Brand Strategy

When it comes to branding projects, uncovering and highlighting the differentiating features of an organization is the essential first step. At Quill Creative Studio, we work to carve out a unique place in the market and position brands with a value driven foundation.
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Why start with brand strategy?

Abraham Lincoln once said that if he had an hour to chop down a tree, he would spend the first 45 minutes sharpening his axe. By creating a brand plan and communication strategy first, you'll have a sharp tool in hand when creating marketing plans and initiatives to make deep and memorable impact.

If you and your team can't answer these questions about your brand with ease, we can help.
- Why does this brand exist?
- Who are our customers and what motivates them?
- Who are our competitors?
- What makes our offering different or better than others?
- Do we have a plan to move our brand's perception forward with intention?

Download our free brand strategy playbook to uncover more about your brand and help you find authentic answers to these questions that every brand should be able to answer.


Download our free brand strategy playbook

Our brand strategy playbook is a 10,000ft view of the framework needed to establish an impactful and unique brand. 

Designed to help you dive in to the underlying questions that every organization should be able to answer, this branding playbook is the perfect place to start. You'll develop an understanding of how these topics create an intentional approach for messaging and visuals to move your efforts forward faster.

It's all about the brand and the brand starts here. 

Quill Brand Strategy Playbook


Our Branding Process


Working together to uncover where you’re coming from and who else is playing on that field.


Refining the things that make your brand special and carving out your unique place in the market.


Aligning Messaging
& Visual Approach

Creating alignment and consistency for future branded touchpoints to best present your uniqueness.

What we do

Competitive Awareness
Persona Mapping

Archetype Definition
Customer Experience Mapping

Differentiation Establishment
Mission & Vision Statements

Brand Positioning
Brand Promise


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