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Creative Design Team Support for Maxed Out Marketing Teams

Is your marketing team overloaded and struggling to keep up with demand and develop the materials your brand deserves?

The need for high-quality creative is growing by the day and we know how hard it can be to keep up with trends and competition. A recent study by InSource and InMotionNow surveyed 400 in-house marketers and found that high expectations for speed and volume were their top two concerns. Small marketing teams are expected to support numerous efforts that are growing in complexity every year. With the continuous growth of media platforms and content-driven customer experiences, this demand for marketing creative will only increase.

Let's say you have, or anticipate, an immediate need for graphic design support that your current team doesn't have the capacity or ability to take on themselves. You could hire more designers, but finding the right talent and training them would require your already overloaded marketing team to divert their time and focus. In this case, your best option could be to bring in an external creative design team, a resource like Quill Creative Studio.

Helping marketing teams that are spread too thin and need an extra set of hands to support their creative needs is what we do every day. As an extension of your team, we provide graphic design support and are experienced in working within established brand guidelines. Onboarding external creative support is an excellent way to bolster your team in a way that's cost-effective, flexible, and allows you to focus on the larger picture.

You can rest easy knowing that our creative agency is here to design your:

  • Annual Report
  • New Product Brand & Packaging
  • Promotional Campaign
  • Social Graphics
  • Digital or Print Advertisements
  • Website Graphics
  • Sales Collateral
  • Tradeshow Materials
  • Environmental Graphics
  • Presentations
  • Promotional Items
  • Training Manuals

Rather than engaging with a retained marketing agency, the way we structure our services is on a project by project basis and is perfect for help during busy seasons or filling temporary staffing gaps.

After a short time, we'll develop a deep understanding of your brand and can contribute to larger branded efforts, provide fresh ideas and help create a stronger foundation for your brand strategy and creative development. If you want to refresh your brand and don't feel confident accomplishing this task in-house, we can help with that too.

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If your marketing team is feeling maxed out, give us a call. You'll be connected with designers and creative problem solvers who think big and act strategically. Contact Quill Creative Studio today to give you and your team a well-deserved break.