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Beer Me!

Any time you wander into the beer section of a liquor store, grocery store or convenience store you are sure to be overwhelmed with the amount of choices. Whether you stick with your lager from a local brewery or enjoy trying something new based on the exotic design of the packaging, the options are extensive.

Getting a consumer to pick up your can or bottle of beer is tricky, but doesn’t have to be. With strategic branding and style your beer can stand out in this oversaturated market.

Keep on reading to hear our tips on ways to make sure your brand gets noticed and picked up off that crowded shelf.

Let’s start with the identity of your beer. How did you come up with the flavor? Were there certain people involved who collaborated? Did the idea come as you were sitting around a campfire? Think about what this beer means to you so you can convey that to your customers. This is one of the most important pieces of your beer’s identity. For more on this please check out our ‘What’s in a Beer?’ blog.  

Packaging is up next! Make sure design is consistent across all types of packaging whether it is a bottle, six pack, single cans, etc. Having one layout that is translated across different flavors/containers will allow your customers to recognize and navigate the shelves to easily find you. Once your beer is picked up, the next step is to captivate or intrigue your consumer. Tell them about the beer they are holding, tell them what is in it and why it’s different from the rest. Of course colors and illustrations go a long way, but it is not the only characteristic that can make you stand out.

Dedicated customers that feel appreciated will always do more than expected. They are more willing to try a new beer if they love your brand or feel included in deciding what that new beer is. So our next question is, are you continually trying to innovate and create new products? Part of keeping a consumer’s attention is making sure they don’t get bored. We are here to tell you to brew that new beer! Ask your customers for input throughout the process!

Last tip: If you have a brick & mortar location, make sure the brand identity is carried all the way through the facility. Think about the campfire you were sitting around with all of your friends when you came up with the idea for that beer we talked about above. Every customer should feel as if they are part of that story and memory. That might mean having some specific decor or hosting a themed event. If you are online only, carry that same feeling through to your website. Creative and personal graphics mixed with sound and video can go a long way. 

Getting a consumer to select a certain beer off a shelf is not an easy task, neither is captivating them enough to continually choose your brew over others. But with these tips, you’ll be able to build a strategic brand and compelling story behind your beer to keep them coming back for more.