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What's in a Beer?

The world of beer is an overcrowded and oversaturated space. It’s one thing to grab the attention of the consumer and make them pick up your bottle of beer, and another thing to get them to connect with your brand and keep them coming back for more.

So how do you keep the interest of your customer?

Start with the story. Do you have one? Every rockstar brand should have a story and be continually working to build your customer into the narrative. The unique details of your story give the opportunity to share what you have created with the rest of the world, and allow people to be connected to your brand and business. 

If your brewery’s authentic self is witty and vibrant, leverage that. Maybe you feel that a serious and bold approach is a better fit, that’s good too. It doesn’t matter what defines you, what matters is that you are defined and staying consistent with that definition. Your story isn’t just a few lines on a page. It is the key to controlling your brand and how the public sees you and interacts with you. Whether it’s a color, graphic or even the name of the beer. When they walk into your brewery or visit your website, they should feel as if they are part of your story.

You can inject your story into many aspects of your business. Let’s go through a few of them to get you started. 

Web Presence

When someone lands on your homepage, what do you want them to see/feel? Whether it is an image or video at the top of the page or if it’s a pop-up that has something to offer, you only have a few seconds to grab their attention and make them want to know more about you.

Physical Location

What makes you feel at home when you walk into a public place? Maybe you enjoy being promptly greeted at the door with a smile. Or maybe you’re a fan being able to choose from a shelf of games to play with your friends while you have a drink at the bar. Pull that experience from the story you decided on & turn it into something that will be a staple at your physical location.

Social Media

This is a great tool to bridge the gap between your web presence and your in-person interactions. Social media is also often one of the first places an individual will go to find out more about you. This is also a great place for you to push out content that is relevant to your business but also learn about your customers. Here’s an example: You find that many customers are calling to ask if you allow dogs at your brewery. Not only do you allow dogs, but you love when people bring their fur friends in! Make a post on social media about this and add a fun photo to let everyone know. You can even create an event specifically for folks to bring their dogs to help boost your customers base.

Beer is tasty, but to keep people coming back you need to build your brand around your story and make your customers part of that story.  So, what’s in your beer?