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Pouring the Foundation

A brand is more than the face of a company-- it's the personality, values and mission behind the visual represented for both consumers and company staff. Creating a solid foundation of research and core values is essential before building the brand.

The foundation of any solid structure consists of concrete and rebar buried deep into the earth. Over millenniums, humans have built structures that have weathered the test of time. No matter how beautiful or powerful the structure may be, it started and lasted with a solid foundation.

It’s been a fast 3 years since the beginning of Quill Creative, and I found it fitting to write our first official blog piece on the importance of building a secure foundation. This is an analogy that we often use while discussing the significance of branding and has been a cornerstone for the way that we approach the process of building one.

A brand is more than just a logo and design elements. Although these pieces are very influential as the visual representation of the company, a strong brand consists of much more than what meets the eye. If someone were to build a structure upon concrete alone, it would crumble. Unless you’re on the construction crew, you will more than likely never see the items that are hidden within the cement to provide strength like rebar.

During the development of a brand, the rebar is a combination of many elements such as market research, positioning, values, and missions, etc. These elements come from two directions: the market, and the internal organization. To understand the values and goals of a company is essential for accurately representing the personality and character of a business. On the other end of the spectrum, knowing who the customer is and what they crave is equally as important. Once these two are defined, you can begin the process of illustrating the brand. Without honestly determining these elements, the foundation will eventually crumble under the weight of a growing organization.

The branding process starts below ground, looking upwards toward the future, and then planning how to expand and develop. Structures built on the gulf need to withstand hurricanes. Skyscrapers built in Japan must defy earthquakes. Although every foundation is unique, all must have well-placed rebar to stand strong, support the weight, and overcome any adversity. Each brand has its own particular constitution which must be uncovered in order to effectively depict the true nature of the organization.