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Create Feeling with Design

Did you know that you can use certain techniques to create feeling and emotion within your brand identity? 

With any brand, in any industry, you need to build a thoughtful relationship with your customer. This relationship starts the first moment they see your brand elements such as a logo or webpage. How do you tailor your brand to make it feel a certain way? Keep on reading to find out!

Start with your competition and look at the characteristics that their brand portrays. Then take a look at your own business and what makes you stand out. What are your unique selling propositions? Pick the strongest 2-3 features and focus on bringing those out the most. Next, we recommend finding  inspiration and creating a moodboard of elements or brands that make you feel a similar way.

Our team collaborated to come up with some quick examples! Below are some popular brand personalities and great ways to make your customer feel them through design. Be sure to click on the link alongside each category to see an example from our portfolio.


Neutral colors

Sans-serif  fonts with a higher contrast

Clean edges & sharp corners

Craft Coating Portfolio


Neutral tones, earth colors

Homemade/craft nature

Vegetative elements

Organic shapes

The photo below is from our client, Fork Farms, and their Greater Good Greens brand. Please see their Facebook page to learn more!


Clean lines

Bright colors

Strong grid structure

Repetitive patterns

Minimalistic layout

LinerWorld Portfolio

Of course there are many techniques and elements that can be used to create the proper mood. One of our favorite ways to test out these solutions is to talk with our team and others who are not related to the project so we can get an outside opinion. This isn’t a science but rather an art, so don’t be afraid to try new and creative approaches. We would love to hear some of your favorite ways to reflect the true personality of the brand through visuals.