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Consistency is King

No matter the size of your company, how long you’ve been in business or what industry you’re in, consistency is key when it comes to your brand.  

We don’t just mean that you should keep the same color scheme or that you should use consistent fonts (even though you should be doing both of those things). When we say “Consistency is King” we mean that everything from the way you speak to customers to the company branded products you hand out must all work together to uplift your brand. 

With that in mind, let’s have a quick chat about promotional products. These are items that you hand out at a tradeshow or convention, give to a new client, or give to employees as a gift. Many times they are t-shirts, pens, or pizza cutters, but can also be higher ticket items such as coolers, bluetooth speakers or customer wine glasses. Whatever the item is, you should be considering your brand when purchasing. Is it something useful to the person you’re giving it to? Do the graphics that have been applied  follow your brand guidelines? Will it help your company stand out and be remembered? Branded promotional items can help you stick in people’s minds and reinforce your brand.

We mentioned before that having a consistent brand voice is important. Let’s think about all of the different types of interactions your employees and customers have. Maybe this includes customer service phone calls, in-person sales meetings or a visit to your company website. Whatever the interaction is, the voice and tone being used needs to be the same throughout. If this isn’t accomplished, it can be confusing to the person you’re interacting with. You want your brand to work for you and improve relationships with your customers and employees and staying consistent with your brand voice is huge. 

Style is next. Your colors and fonts can be some of the most defining parts of your brand and can allow you to stand out in your market. If you have ever gone through a rebrand or added new brand elements throughout the years, you’ll want to make sure that you don’t have any old branding still out there. This is an easy way to make sure that you look put together and professional to anyone who interacts with you. 

It always pays to do regular maintenance on your brand. Setting aside time to go through all of your branded material to ensure it’s still in line with your brand guidelines is a great way to keep your brand consistent. 

If you do the work for your brand, your brand will go to work for you.