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Brand Consulting Sessions - Get a Sneak Peek

Throughout the Quill Creative Studio website, there are various opportunities to schedule a coffee chat with a brand strategist. While this opportunity is always available and will get some of your most pressing questions answered while opening a line of communication between you and our team, in most cases, that brief coffee chat opens a Pandora’s box of uncertainties requiring more guidance. A follow-up brand consulting session can provide a framework to assess the current health of your brand and give clarity for where to start. In this blog, we’ll provide an overview of what you can expect from an initial brand consulting session with Quill Creative Studio. We'll answer questions such as: How should I prepare? How long does it take? What will be covered? What will I take away from this  brand consulting session?

It must first be noted that a brand consulting session can take many forms and cover many topics such as routine brand maintenance, campaign development, brand strategy workshops and many more. For this particular instance, we're going to review the process of an initial brand consulting session. The goal of this particular session is twofold. First, we'll uncover your current brand standings. Second, we’ll offer recommendations to create clarity, alignment and strength. These recommendations can be accomplished on your own, with recommended partners or with the guidance and support of Quill Creative Studio.

Prior to this session, we'll have you take our brand strategy check-up quiz to see how your brand currently scores and how well you can answer the questions. This questionnaire will shine a light on the health of your brand and your understanding of it, and will become the building blocks of a proper brand strategy. Topics include competitive landscape, customer definition, strategic offerings and brand delivery. We'll send you a link to take the digital quiz where your answers and ratings will be recorded so we can review them together.

For the first part of our brand consulting session, we'll review your answers to the quiz and allow the conversation to flow freely. This is formally referred to as "brand discovery" and is all about gathering information. It typically takes 30-45 minutes, or until we feel we have an adequate understanding of your current brand. Then, we'll spend the next 15-30 minutes discussing our recommendations.

Although there may be tactics or ideas that organically flow out of our conversation that could be immediately attempted, we understand that following processes will provide the best results. When it comes to branding, there are no shortcuts. We'll do our best to provide you with a prioritized list of action items that will have the most impactful and lasting results. This will help you navigate the brand strategy process in an organized and cohesive manner so you can make the best decision on where to invest your time and resources.

Our goal is to establish foundational strength so your brand is consistent and memorable for years to come. If the groundwork is set, we'll work to establish branded initiatives to strengthen your customer and employee experience and further your unique market position. Brand building is never complete, so you can rest assured that you'll walk away from this session feeling confident, inspired and with a refreshed sense of clarity.

Now that we've given you an overview of what to expect, go ahead and schedule a virtual coffee chat to be connected with an experienced brand strategist and see if an initial brand strategy session is right for you.