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High Heels in Wet Grass

Picture someone at a beautiful outdoor wedding strolling down a paved walkway in a pair of high heels. They see an old friend and step off the walkway and into the grass. Immediately, her heel sinks deep into the soil and she gasps knowing exactly what happened. Luckily this was prior to the ceremony and she wasn’t yet holding a glass of wine. 

This concept of a high heel in wet grass is commonly referenced during our strategy sessions when discussing impact. Some business leaders try to be everything to everyone and miss their opportunity to focus attention on the things that will create the most impact. They’re walking through the lawn and wearing a pair of snowshoes. Now we’re not saying that traipsing through the grass in high heels is the best way to spend a Saturday afternoon but take it for what it is, simply a metaphor.

If you can discover what makes your offering unique and authentic, you’ll stand a better chance of creating a deeper impact and a stronger connection with your brand.

Figuring out what unique features you should shine light on can seem hard since you may already be years into people forming their opinions of your brand. You probably have quite a bit of brand equity built, but is it generic? Could any of your competitors say the same thing and have it be true? It’s crucial that you take a step back and focus on where you can stand apart and make the most impact. 

This process where we take a step back to ensure your brand is on the right track is during a brand positioning session. It’s the foundation where we begin every branding effort. This first phase can be a single session or a series of sessions where a brand strategist guides conversations, asks pointed questions, and together with you, the puzzle can be solved. You’ll end this phase with a clear understanding of what makes your brand unique, how you can compare it to your competitors, and how you should be speaking and presenting your brand to your community.

If you’re a small business or just starting out, you can simply ask yourself some baseline questions to help focus your approach to positioning. What are all of my competitors doing? How is my offering different? Why does this matter to my community? If you can answer these basic questions, you’ll be one step closer to steering your brand towards a place of differentiation.

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