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2022 Branding Advice from Quill Creative Studio

A month into the new year and we're seeing that organizations now, more than ever, are focusing their attention on building brand strength in 2022. If you're considering a rebrand, or simply want to strengthen your brand's perception with an impactful campaign, our team at Quill Creative has you covered. In this blog post, we'll provide tips, advice, and inspiration from our creative studio team members – each with their own unique perspective on branding. So whether you're just starting out or ready to take your brand to the next level, read on for some valuable brand strategy insights!

Unlike marketing, trends in the world of branding are more stable and consistent. Once your organization has a confident understanding of key brand building blocks (customers, competition, differentiation, voice, and visuals), you can begin to uncover creative ways to improve the experience at every touchpoint.

That being said, there are some key things to keep in mind as we enter 2022. Here are some branding tips from our team!

What are our brand strategy predictions for 2022?

First and foremost – the effects of the pandemic, political movements, and environmental events have changed the world pretty drastically over the last few years. When asked about this topic, our Art Director, Arden, mentioned that

"People are starting to think differently and care about topics that, not too long ago, weren't mentioned."

He's been with Quill Creative for six years and has led the build and growth of numerous brands across multiple industries. "We're starting to see that brands are leaning into using emotional intelligence to steer campaigns, promotions, and the overall experience to create deeper connections with customers," Arden added. "Campaigns that revolve around purpose or movements are happening everywhere, but brands should be careful and remain genuine to their values. Customers have become very aware and discerning of campaigns that are simply trying to jump on a bandwagon."

What are the branding design trends we anticipate?

It's important to note that a brand is never finished. As markets, customers, and preferences change over time – so must your brand. As the world evolves, design trends impact people's personal preferences from a visual perspective. "A couple years ago, trends were different. Now we're seeing a rebound in minimalism and muted colors for some segments, and retro and nostalgic in others," said Karen, one of our Senior Designers. She's been a professional graphic designer for more than a decade and has personally witnessed trends shift. "I honestly think it has a lot to do with creating an experience that people can relate with. If the customer audience grew up in the 90's, then we're seeing brands leverage the nostalgia of that period. Life was less problematic back then, at least from a child's perspective, so they're giving people a subconscious reminder through design." She continued,

"It really comes down to understanding the customer, knowing their wants, feels and fears, and framing your visuals and messages to connect."

Why should brands focus on branding this year?

Branding matters now, more than ever. With so many products and services vying for the same customer's attention, brands need to differentiate themselves in order to stand out from their competition.

"I think branding has become such a powerful tool because it impacts everything,"

explained Ryan, our Brand Strategist. "Branding should be viewed as the north star in every decision that an organization makes. If there isn't clarity when making marketing decisions, then maybe it's due to a lack of brand alignment." Ryan is typically the first team member to interact with customers and has seen the inner workings of organizations at every stage of branding. "Things like not knowing what to post on social media or having a hard time choosing appropriate promotional premiums can be cleared up and made into easy decisions with a proper brand position and strategy."

How is Quill Creative Studio evolving in 2022?

"Our team has always been passionate about strategic creativity, but we're really focusing on how to better connect with customers this year. We want to involve them in the process more than ever to help find their voice, identify unique selling points, and create experiences that resonate," said Josh, our Creative Director. He oversees the entirety of our creative process and ensures that everything is developed with intention and our creative studio’s quality standards are met.

"The process is evolving and being refined year over year, but we're finding more power and greater success upon launch when we focus longer on strategic thinking prior to starting design."

As you continue to lead your brand this year, don't forget to take a step back and consider how current branding trends might impact your customer's perspective. It's never too late to build a relevant brand experience that matters to your consumers. 

Feel like your brand isn’t ready for the rest of the year? Contact Quill Creative and schedule a free brand strategy session. After a short conversation with a brand strategist, you'll start moving your brand in the right direction for 2022 and beyond.