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What sets you apart?

It’s inevitable. You’re creating a new brand in a well known industry and you have lots of competition. It seems that everything design wise has been done already and you’re not sure which way to go when creating your brand.

What’s that line between being unique and being a copy-cat?

Sometimes it can happen where a brand feels very similar in it’s look and feel but isn’t blatantly copying the competition. We call this a “me-too” brand. 

Market research is key. Find out what your competition’s strong points are and what key brand elements they’re using. Use that to see what differentiates you from them. Really focus on you and what sets you apart.

Some key characteristics to focus on when building a brand that stands out among the rest are:


Make sure that your colors are meaningful to your brand but also help you stand out. Your market research will show you the most used color palates in your industry so use that information to your advantage to build unique recognition.


Fonts play a huge role in making brands feel similar or completely different. This is often the voice of a company and can be read in completely different tones due to the style of the font. Be sure that voice is intentionally chosen. If you’re feeling like the fonts you’re using are too close to that of your competitors, consulting a brand agency like Quill can be very helpful.

Secondary Elements

Secondary elements are graphics that support your overall brand to give more depth as to who your brand/business is. If you are bordering on being a ‘me-too’ brand and have a similar look to one of your competitors, utilizing these secondary elements can help set you apart. An example of these elements would be things like icons, patterns, illustrations, etc.

Unique Features

What makes you different? Is there something special about your product or service that your competition doesn’t do? In a saturated market, these features will help you connect with consumers who value something specific when it comes to what’s provided or how it’s accomplished. Don’t be quiet about these features, repeat your core messaging and supporting visuals often and consistently.

Creating something truly unique that accurately represents a complex organization can be a daunting task even for the most seasoned professional. By leveraging proper research and creative problem solving processes, we aim to carve out an original position for every brand we develop.