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When is it time to re-brand?

At any given time you might come across a company who recently went through a rebrand. Whether that is a new logo, website, business card, etc. you noticed the change and might be thinking about when the right time for your company to re-brand is.That’s a tough question and to tell you the truth, it depends. Many factors can determine when the time is right for your business. Keep reading to see some situations where a new brand identity may benefit you.
Are you introducing new products/services?

This can be a great time to re-brand! New products/services means you have the opportunity to introduce yourself to your customers again. An updated visual identity and brand position can go a long way.

Are the materials you are putting in front of your customers still accurately representing your brand?

Take a look at everything your customers see when they interact with you. If those materials don’t match with your company vision, goals or personality anymore then it is time to address this. Above all, when it comes to branding… consistency is king.

Is your company under new leadership?

We often see companies change up their brand when a new team of leaders come in. New leadership often means fresh ideas and direction so it makes sense to have an updated brand to match.

How has your company & customers changed since COVID-19?

With current global events you may find yourself losing a certain demographic and attracting new ones. If you relate to this, take the time to hone in on what your customer base is doing right now. Do you want to change with your customers or do you want to freshen up and attract a new type of customer? This new world we are living in could be the perfect time for your company to introduce new brand elements.

Are there any general guidelines to follow for keeping my brand up to date?

Typically we see brands updating their visual identities every 8-10 years. But we recommend introducing new elements, such as shifting your web layout or additional graphics, every 2-3 years. This way, your audience sees you making an effort to stay current but you don’t have to completely reinvent yourself.

Still unsure if it’s the right time to give your brand the attention it deserves? Shoot us a message at info@quillcs.com to pick our brain.