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Branding Your Interactions

A touchpoint can be a variety of things. Maybe to you, it’s a phone call with your kids or having coffee with a friend. But in our world of branding, a touchpoint is any interaction a business has with their customer. This can be a customer walking into a physical business, a business card or pamphlet being picked up, a billboard on a highway, etc.

These touchpoints add up and allow your customer to form an opinion and relationship with your business. 

We want to take you through some of the most impactful touchpoints you can have with your consumer and give you tips on how to make the most of them.

In-Person Interactions

This one seems obvious but what many don’t realize is that even the way you speak and dress reflects on your business. Let’s use a cell phone provider as an example. When you walk into their store you typically see everyone wearing the same professional attire, and you are greeted in the same way no matter what location you’re at. This is very intentional. Having that consistency ensures that the customer knows what to expect and can feel comfortable during their experience. 

If you were to walk into that same store and one employee was wearing shorts and another one was wearing a band t-shirt and neither of them greeted you, you’d likely be confused and lose some amount of trust in that business. 

Take a moment to think about what people see & hear when they walk into your business. How can you improve those interactions and make them consistent and on brand?

Online Interactions

If you’re like most businesses, the global pandemic forced you to have some sort of online presence. At first, it seems like an impersonal way to interact and seems almost impossible to conform to. An online interaction can include your presence on social media, the look of your website and how easy it is to get in touch with your business virtually.

A great place to start is with your social media. Make sure that you are posting consistently and be sure to answer questions/comments timely. If someone walked into your business, you would most likely greet them right away. You should do your best to do this on your social channels too. 

Next is one of the most important touchpoints; your website. Your website is a storefront that is open 24/7/365 and must represent your company to the best of its ability. It’s crucial to be intentional about the content on your website and how you help the consumer navigate through it. Think about why they are on your site and what questions they are trying to answer. 


When we talk about collateral we are talking about any physical item you give to your customer. This can be anything from a business card to a brochure all the way to a free t-shirt or a contract. Any and all items that your customer touches that comes from you are considered collateral and is a great way to display the personality of the brand. 

It’s always important to stay true to your brand when deciding on collateral. Let’s say you’re picking out a mug to give out. If your brand is edgy and youthful, you’ll want to go for something with bright colors or unique shape. If your brand is more earthy and focused on nature, you might consider a stoneware mug with natural colors. 

The photo below shows an example of some great collateral that was created for one of our clients. This paper is used to wrap flowers & gifts while using a brand font to exhibit their dedication to their local community. 

Before purchasing collateral you want to ask yourself, “Does this represent my business? Does this communicate my brand and messaging to my consumer?” If the answer is no, then it’s time to go back to the drawing board. You want to make sure that anything you are giving out has a purpose and enhances your brand. 

Touchpoints can greatly influence your customer and give them insight to the soul of your business. Be sure to be intentional with your choices and your customers will appreciate it.