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Branding for Distributors & Wholesalers

Are you currently differentiating yourself from the brands you carry? If a customer has an interaction or experience with someone or something representing your brand, are they categorizing that as being from a brand you distribute or is it a tailored experience that represents your own unique brand? 

Taking the time to find and enhance your brand can have a massive impact on your business. Our clients have seen everything from increased web traffic to massive influxes in sales after they went through a re-brand with us. 

Still not convinced? Here are a few of the benefits you can look forward to once you discover your unique brand position and share it with the world.

Increase company equity for acquisitions or succession planning

According to Reuters, 82% of investors see brand strength as an important factor in their investment decisions. Ensuring the future of your company is secure starts with a solid brand. 

Not being overshadowed by the brands you carry

This one is huge. When you allow your brand to be in the spotlight, you let your customers get to know you. You also give prospects a reason to buy from you. Chances are, they can get products or services just like yours from other distributors. You need to show them why you’re the right choice.

Strengthen your company through changing market conditions

The brands you carry may change, but we want your brand to hold strong through any storm the market throws at you.

Opportunities for private label product lines

If your ultimate goal is to create your own product lines to grow your brand, you will need to start strong. Gaining clout in the market as a seasoned distributor will help you become a trusted resource where customers will follow your guidance.. 

Builds stronger platform for talent attraction and retention

New hires are looking for a company that has a positive culture, happy employees, opportunities for growth and a strong sense of purpose, among others. When they have their first interaction with your organization, are you conveying those things to them? Does your branding show them what you’re all about? If they can’t visualize what your company stands for, your chances of receiving an application are slim.

As a distributor or wholesaler, you are more than the brands you carry. You have the opportunity to provide a unique experience for your customers, suppliers, and community.  By being intentional with this experience you can enhance your brand and stand out in your market.