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5 Ways a Creative Studio Can Level Up Your Marketing

As a creative studio with 6+ years of experience, we’ve worked with many different in-house marketing teams! Being an in-house marketing professional has its perks and drawbacks. On the one hand, you have the opportunity to live within a brand and learn every intricate detail about it and its customers constantly. On the other hand, there's a certain limit on how much creativity and innovation can come from within. 

There's an old saying that states; "You can't see the forest for the trees."  And that's often the problem with being too close to something. The essence of creativity can take root when one takes a step back to see the big picture, especially if you have someone with a unique perspective to stand next to.

A creative studio can be a powerful tool to leverage for tactical execution as well as bringing fresh perspectives to an otherwise 'stale' conversation. Through the years, the creative team at Quill Creative Studio has been able to step in and have impactful conversations and strategy sessions with brands, bringing a fresh perspective. 

Here are 5 ways to use a creative studio to 'level up' your marketing efforts.

1. Graphic Design:

The creation of branded collateral such as sales kits, brochures, business cards, posters, billboards, and even signage can be a full-time job for most medium to large organizations.

Graphic designers have the ability to turn a mediocre idea into something spectacular with just a few strokes of their keyboard. It’s important to realize that graphic design is a profession that most people will spend years in school understanding how people read and process information.

With the development of templated design programs, some marketing professionals are trying their hand at design, and that's wonderful if it's something they feel comfortable and confident doing. Just remember the best use of time and talents.

Nothing is worse than having an awesome idea fall flat due to poor design, hierarchy of information, or an unclear call to action.

By passing the design and layout of branded collateral to professionals, you can save a ton of time and make your marketing department look like rock stars.

2. Breaking Through Creative Block:

Creative block happens to everyone and it can be especially debilitating if people look to you for brilliance.  

Having a creative studio as a resource helps break through this wall by bringing fresh eyes and perspectives to the problem at hand. At Quill Creative, we have processes and exercises specifically designed to help break through creative blocks to keep fresh ideas flowing.

3. Event Support:

In addition to the underlying logistics that come along with planning a successful event, there are countless opportunities to tailor the experience and create a powerful branded touchpoint to be remembered.

Corporate events hold a special category regarding what's appropriate for a brand. They can take on themes that can drive content, invites, signage, and even branded giveaways.

There are so many ways to get creative with the development of experiences that build on top of a theme. However, you should always be cognizant of the brand to make sure it's relative and doesn't appear disconnected.

Creative studios are trained to be resourceful within confines, so they make great partners when planning events. Of course, their graphic design capabilities can be pulled into action for promotions and event collateral alike.

4. Innovating:

Due to the nature of high-paced work environments and having to wear multiple hats daily, marketing professionals have less time than ever to push creativity through ideation sessions or bring new ideas forward to innovate processes or approaches.

It can be seen as risky to break the mold, even though studies show that innovation, even if done in small steps, can have a positive impact on organizational health and team culture. By working with a creative studio, you can get support in areas where there's never one right answer. This way, you can limit the number of new initiatives on your plate while also bringing new life into an organization

5. Get it Right Early On:

Bringing creative-minded people into conversations early on can make a huge impact on the amount of buy-in and excitement surrounding new initiatives.

Not only will it provide a more foundational understanding of the 'why' behind a project when it comes time for execution and implementation, but it can also spark creativity in a way that no brainstorming session or brain dump will ever do.

In addition, visualizing ideas early on helps creativity form and process in new ways that might not have been considered if someone with a strong right brain wasn't there from the beginning.

Many great marketing and branding ideas live outside of the office, so rather than trying to keep an eye on your already-full plate and the ever-changing world around you, why not tap into what is arguably one of the most creative networks out there? Creative studios like Quill have proven processes to bring a fresh perspective, talent, and insight to the table for any organization.

While we can do great work on our own, don't be afraid to invite us into conversations earlier rather than later. Sometimes it just takes a little outside perspective, creativity, and excitement from someone new to re-energize a team and get the ball rolling on new ideas.

Are you ready to learn more about how Quill Creative can support your in-house marketing team? Let’s talk! Our creative studio is staffed by a talented team of experienced designers ready to support you and your brand.