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5 Tips for Conveying Your Brand Values Beyond Aesthetics

First impressions of a brand usually hinge on visual cues. Your logo, colors, font choice – they all work together to give your audience a snapshot view of your brand's vibe. So it's easy to understand why we place so much emphasis on the aesthetics of a brand; however, a brand's identity runs far deeper than the surface aesthetics. A truly holistic brand resides in the principles and ideals that define its essence – values that extend beyond aesthetics and resonate with the audience on a more profound emotional or psychological level.

The journey to embodying your brand values isn't about abandoning aesthetics but about recognizing that a brand is a living entity shaped by its values and aspirations. Check out our top 5 tips for conveying your brand values beyond aesthetics and cultivating a brand identity that embodies your brand from the inside out!

1. Review your brand values

This might seem like a no-brainer, but a surprising amount of organizations don't take time to step back and review elements of their brand identity regularly. It's important to regularly assess if your existing values align with the narrative you want your brand to communicate.

Consider whether your current brand values need a complete overhaul or a subtle refinement in articulation, and seek a balance between authenticity and relevance. Your values should resonate with both your brand essence and what your audience truly values.

If you aren't sure where to start in defining your brand values, pose reflective questions or perform a SWOT analysis to unearth the essence of your brand personality and understand where your brand is currently positioned. Explore what makes your brand unique and how these distinctive trains can be woven into your values. Avoid the allure of generic statements; instead, strive to hone in on the specific characteristics that set your brand apart.

If you're struggling to define your brand values, talk with creative branding experts like the team at Quill. We can help you identify your brand's foundational elements and build from there.

2. Review your messaging

If the visual elements of your brand serve to draw in your audience upon first encounter, the next step to drawing them in further is your brand messaging. Your brand's message serves as the vehicle through which your values are communicated to the world – which means it needs to be clear and on point with your full brand identity. 

Perform a regular review of your existing messaging to make sure it still harmonizes with the rest of your brand identity and overall strategy. Assess things like tone, style, diction, and syntax. Consistency is key – every piece of communication should reinforce the same values in a way that feels seamless with the rest of the brand identity.

3. Have an implementation plan

Defining brand values and messaging are essential steps, but their power is unlocked when they are actively integrated into the fabric of your organization. An effective implementation plan brings your values to life in every aspect of your business.

Integrate your values into all customer-facing touchpoints like websites, social media, marketing campaigns, and product launches, and consider how they can be tangibly expressed in each customer interaction. It's also important to recognize that audiences evolve, and so should your implementation plan. Stay agile and ready to adapt your strategies to align with the changing needs of your audience and the broader market by starting with a solid foundation of brand values and strategy.

4. Ensure buy-in across the organization

No matter how well-crafted your brand values are, their impact is limited if they don't resonate internally throughout your organization. Achieving buy-in across all levels is critical to ensuring that your brand values aren't merely lip service but an integral part of your organizational culture.

Remember that the buy-in process begins at the top. Leadership should champion your brand values, embodying them in their actions and decisions. Leaders who prioritize the well-being and development of their team foster a sense of unity and shared purpose that make it more likely that employees will genuinely connect with and embody the brand values. Regular meetings, team outings, and internal communications can serve as platforms for reinforcing your brand values in day-to-day operations.

5. Connect with your community

Showcasing your brand values internally is a key part of a strong brand identity, but conveying them outwardly beyond your organization is just as important. Your brand's conduct in the broader community is a tangible reflection of your values, providing an opportunity to engage with your audience on a deeper level.

As always, make sure your community engagement aligns with your brand values. What causes or initiatives resonate with your brand identity? If your organization makes dog treats, an annual fundraiser for a local pet shelter would likely align with your brand. If your organization makes sporting equipment, sponsoring a local baseball league would make sense. Whatever it is that resonates with your brand, practice transparency and communicate openly about the causes you support, reinforcing the authenticity of the commitment to your values.

And remember, community engagement is not a one-off endeavor – it's an ongoing relationship. Invest time in understanding the needs and desires of both your target audience and the surrounding community, and adjust your initiatives to genuinely engage with both.

Creating a holistic brand

A brand is not merely a symbol; it is the culmination of the experiences, values, and connections it forges. Conveying brand values is a dynamic process that requires ongoing attention, adaptability, and a commitment to authenticity.

Ready to refine your brand values and take your brand further? Whether you're new on the scene or an established brand that needs a refresh, the expert brand consultants at Quill can help you discover, express, and embody your brand values. 

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